This was my nerd project for the weekend. I bought myself a Kindle last week and figured I needed to protect it at some point from rough cartage. But the idea of some faux leather job from Amazon didn't appeal. So, although I'm sure it's not a unique idea, I decided to carve out the pages of a printed book and thus complete the poetic circle of digital book readers destroying the printed word.

Getting the right book turned out to be harder than I thought as most hardcover books are designed to be a particular size and variance is slight. Too small and the edges would be brittle. Too large and it would just become a hassle and ruin the point of having the small digital reader in the first place. With some time spent scouring thrift shops and second hand book stalls I managed, with some luck, to find what seemed to be the right book.

Then on to the crafty part. PVA glue, a paint brush and a scalpel were all the tools I needed. Oh, and a massive pile of heavy books to press down the pages after gluing. Using the razor-sharp scalpel I carefully removed each page to the shape of the device. And I didn't even cut myself! By the end the blade was starting to get a little blunt so if I ever did it again I'd definitely get a pack of extra blades.

The final process was just getting the sides and rounded corners tidied so my Kindle fit nice and snug and then a little touch of ribbon for easy removal. The red rubber band just holds the cover down so the contents don't leave without permission but I think it adds a nice splash of colour.

The book? Well my rough translation reads it as something like "Modern Energy - Environmental Policy." A scintillating read with charts and graphs too!



Stills were shot with a Lumix G1 with Soligor 25mm 1:0.95 ITV c-mount lens attached. Video taken with the little Harinezumi camera. And by the way that plaster wasn't from the paper cutting that's a whole other story altogether...